Easy as 1,2,3...

1. Ship us your product


After an initial email and/or phone call to discuss your project, Just ship us your product with a return shipping label and we will start the process.

Pick out your best product - preferably fewest dings and scratches. Pack  each item carefully. Then include your contact information so that we  can let you know when the product arrives.

2. We shoot it


After we receive your product, we will go over the detail of your  project and call you to discuss any questions or concerns. After we have  collected your payment details, and with your approval, we begin the  shooting per your direction.

3. You download it


After all images are completed, we will send a link to download all images. After all images are approved, we will return products with provided shipping label and finalize the billing process.


$50 per photo


Clipping path included

$41 per photo


Clipping path included

$37 per photo


Clipping path included

$32 per photo


Clipping path included

Call Us at 815-236-4492


More info


300dpi High Res File

Custom Web optimized file

Pure White Background 

Minor retouching to correct dust and minor flaws

Royalty free unlimited use license

Easy online file delivery

Great service


Drop shadow or reflection $1.50 extra per shot* 

Oversize items (items longer than 24" on the long side) +$20 per image

items needing a lot of styling (clothing or book bags etc) - charged as custom photography

Group arrangements:

3-5 items in photo  +$10 per photo

6-10 items in photo +$20 per photo

11+ items in photo +$30 per photo

Jewelry +$20 per photo

Clipping Paths or mask $3/Simple



$15/ super complex

Rush charges (3 business days)** +$20 per photo

* reflections need to be requested prior to the shoot

** Product must arrive the day before shooting starts